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Hair Specialist Consultation

Our doctors provide thorough consultation and scalp analysis in order to get accurate cause and proper diagnosis of hair loss problem.

All treatments at our clinic are guided by evidence-based, clinically proven to be effective, and safe.

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FUE Hair Transplant

Facial and Body Hair Transplant (Beard, Moustache, Eyebrows etc). Hair transplant can be done to achieve your dream beard and moustache style or making your eyebrows fuller.

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What is FUE?

Scar Hair Transplant

Patients who had traumatic scars over the scalp, eyebrows or beard can be concealed with a hair transplant.

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Female Hair Line Lowering Hair Transplant

The treatment is to achieve a balance between the various parts of the face. A lower anterior hairline, and thus shorter forehead height, are considered more attractive and youthful. A longer forehead, meanwhile, can be viewed as unaesthetic.
To lower the female hairline, most hair transplant surgeons will utilise hair grafting. Considered the most effective treatment with impressive results is (FUE) which is always a favourite surgery that shown a dramatic result and higher rate satisfaction for the patient.

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Laser Hair Therapy

FDA Approved Laser Hair Therapy - Theradome®️ is available at Dr. Shah Clinic. Theradome is a biomedically designed laser used in the treatment of hair loss. It delivers maximum energy and penetrates the scalp at a wavelength optimized for clinical hair restoration.

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